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Despana Chorizo spread drizzled with honey. Five words that have haunted my belly since I first got wind of this Spanish grocery/deli/sandwich shop. Only last week did my belly actually have a chance to meet his dream girl (yes, my belly is a boy).

Chorizo spread drizzled with honey was better than I even imagined. It sat atop super scrunchy, tasty bread and was devoured very quickly. The shop has a quaint old world feeling place and stools (I am just going to have to accept that I am going to have to deal with stools in NY restaurants no matter how foolish they make me look getting on and off–a toddler climbing off a chair is cute, me doing the same charade is not). But still, these were some of the nicest stools, they were tucked in a little corner area near the fancy waters and sodas where no one tends to sit. And even though the place is Spanish, it reminded me of a few panini shops in Italy that I've visited.

The lady that helped us was lovely and friendly and her Spanish accent was as sweet as the honey. Jim tried the Despana which had some of the most softly tender Serrano I've tasted, it made me realize the criminal stringiness that so many pre-packaged grocery versions are plagued by.

Despana is a dream come true for my future lunch hours. The deli part of the shop featured many enticements, so if you hate the idea of stool sitting, no matter how refined, grab some goodies and a sandwich to go.

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Posted on April 9, 2007

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