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death and coDeath and Co. was long been on my list of must dos before I finally made it inside its darkened and mirrored walls. It has been plagued by neighborly threats, most likely due to their policy that only allows a certain number of people in the bar, leaving lines of drinkers outside; desperate, I assume, for the perfect old fashioneds and fizzes served by beautiful girls that await indoors. A nice rule for those seated in the comfy booths, not so great apparently for tenants who don't like the noise the people in line cause. The bar was even shut down for a week last month, but only due to paperwork mistakes, according to the owner, David Kaplan.

Death and Co follows the hip new tradition of speakeasy style with a slightly morbid twist appropriate to the name. The door knockers are Gothic and gnarled and there's plenty of black lacquer. The whole point, though is the cocktails, and they are spectacular.

You will find it quite a task to choose what to drink from their long list of exciting cocktails. I ended up with, if I remember correctly, the delicious and near flawless Chinese Fizz.

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Posted on January 7, 2008

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