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day of the triffids tv mini seriesAdaptations can be tricky. One version is always better (the book in almost every case), leaving the adaptation tainted by comparisons. Then there's the struggle of which to do first, read the book or watch the movie or TV show?

In this case, I read the John Wyndham novel first but found the 1981 miniseries to heighten, rather than diminish the story. Directed by Ken Hannam, with a good script that stays loyal to the material and doesn't shy away from some of the more brutal and dismal aspects of the novel, and decent acting by John Duttine in a wonderful beard and the tarty Pat Benatar meets blond beauty, Emma Relph, Day of the Triffids does right by Wyndham and his fans.

The production is 80's caliber, so those of you that can't swallow sound stage scenes shot on video cut with grainy film footage outdoors should beware. I personally love the feel of it and we all know(from I, Claudius) that some of the best broadcast drama can happen on an obvious sound stage. Much like V, many people have fond memories of this low key but suspenseful series from the BBC. I can imagine how Christopher Gunning's eerie score could have haunted the nightmares of more than a few young viewers.

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Posted on January 14, 2008

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