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David WisemanAside from making me feel old and unaccomplished (he is a much younger RISD alum than me with an already impressive body of work), Wiseman is busy making unique lighting pieces.

The one pictured, (my very favorite) was made custom for a couple in Brooklyn and it was inspired by charm bracelets. I first knowingly saw his work at the underwhelming Cooper Hewitt “National Design Triennial”. His ceiling porcelain canopy was one of the most memorable pieces even if its lack of proper display made a lot of people I was with miss it all together.

You may have also seen his precious kitschy deer head at a hip design shop near you. I think his work has grown more sophisticated since then and I'm curious to see what other wonders await us. His work is featured on the cover of Interior Design magazine, The New York Times, and Elle Girl of all places.

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Posted on April 9, 2007

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