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david hockneyDavid Hockney could be on this list based on this photograph alone. There is just so much to love here! Firstly, I can't even control myself when boys wear fitted rugby shirts like this. Kind of preppy, but not date rapey because of the fruity colors and tight fit, and the white collar sticking up?ack! It's stylish boy heaven for me.

I am also really quite fond of signature daring men's hairstyles. It's always a risk for men to go beyond the norm with their hair but some people like Warhol, David Fricke from Rolling Stone, and Anton Chigurh as well as Hockney totally stand by their do's.

There are also those bold, crazy frames. Perfection, he even bests Dominick Dunne on this front. Don't you want to be just off camera, drying off from the pool, sipping a margarita that Peter Schlesinger just made for you, waiting for this photo shoot to be over so you can all head over to meet Andy and Dennis? And of course, his social life, a playboy among decades of the world's most fabulous is the second reason he is iconic.

He is most known artistically for his California paintings, usually depicting swimming pools and So Cal architecture and later his photo collages of landscapes and people. But I am also really enamored with his portraits, particularly these simple, intimate black and white etchings.

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Posted on April 14, 2008

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