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david hicks interiorDavid Hicks was as volatile as his rooms were tranquil and lush. In his obituary (he died in 1998) he is described as having an “apoplectic rage” and his wife said, ''He was an absolute volcano to live with, but so life enhancing, I already miss his slamming of doors.”

While I'm not quite envious of that part of his legacy, I've recently become very envious of anyone who can put a room together with flair for interior decorating. It may be the fact that I have a bit too much stuff for my abode or that Jim has a soft spot for plastic bins, but I can't manage to keep most of my apartment from looking like we just moved in. I've decided to do a thing or two about it, but that's another tale.

I have no illusions that I could possibly the luxurious career of Hicks, whose clients included Helena Rubenstein, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and King Fahd as well as the interiors for the Julie Christie film (and Brix Pick) Petulia. But we can all at least be inspired by the extensive archive on this site, curated by his son Ashley, who carries on the design tradition.

These images are just so fun. Imagine sitting in this corner, organizing your porcelain, or greeting your roaming peacock during breakfast in this informal kitchen at your country estate, or gazing at your Bill Blass heavy wardrobe while bathing in this indescribable room, or starting a torrid affair with a David Bailey type in this sauna.

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Posted on July 28, 2008

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