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david foster wallaceIt was such sad day when the brilliant voice of David Foster Wallace was silenced last Saturday. Simply saying that we've lost one of our generations greatest writers seems far too mild. You know what I mean if you've committed to the experience of Infinite Jest, a book that you don't merely read, but breathe for months – I?had dreams that constantly took place in the underground halls of Enfield Tennis Academy.

When I finished it, I found myself baffled that one human being was capable of such a large scale opus that was so touching, gripping, sad, and funny. His talent blew my mind and shook my world and I am really, really sad that he unfairly decided to take his own life and took all that talent and all those ideas with him. It is rumored that he had been working on another long project before he died that will now likely never be read.

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Posted on September 22, 2008

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