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fox mulder david duchovnyWe've been delighting in lots of X-Files repeats lately, remembering those long ago days when charmer David Duchovny was playing Fox Mulder; back when his project choices were odd and inspired like The Rapture, The Larry Sanders Show, or Twin Peaks (remember his stint as a cross dressing detective?). Even Kalifornia is cause to reminisce in light of his recent career decisions.

Californication and Trust the Man, uck! House of D (Robin Williams as a retarded janitor with a heart of gold who forges a relationship with a young boy), double uck and double shame on you, David! It's nearly enough to knock him out of this coveted category, but then we start watching those X Files repeats, and he's got me googly eyed and love-stricken all over again.

Oh, and he's back on the big screen as Fox Mulder next week! I hope this one is slightly more memorable Fight the Future.

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Posted on July 21, 2008

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