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David Carter looks and dresses like a golden era dandy of the Quentin Crisp ilk and his exquisite dramatic (but NEVER tacky) interiors are as gloriously out of step with the typical styles of the today. Not to say his aesthetic is strictly antique, it’s built on history but put together with a thoroughly modern sensibility. His site (which these images are from) is a dreamland of interior design inspiration. Every room beckons daydreams of decadent lounging.

I discovered Carter from this article on Style Bubble (a site that’s always great for introducing an interesting person, place or thing of interest). His own home, decorated wit equal wit and glamour, is called 40 Winks and “is being launched to help give photographers, stylists, art directors, designers, buyers, models and anyone in the creative and fashion industries somewhere fun and different to stay when they are in London for work or pleasure.” Can you imagine a more fantastical place to stay?

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Posted on August 8, 2010

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