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daniel craig2007 was the year Daniel Craig became a household name. In the much publicized and debated search for the next Bond, a competition that pitted Clive Owen against Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman against Goran Visnjic (Jim claims that Matthew Perry was also a serious contender, which is absolutely untrue), in the end it was Craig who won the coveted role – a blond! Weirdo fans cried in outrage.

Most of that outrage was quickly quieted by his performance in one of the best reviewed entries in the franchise. I will reserve judgment until I have seen the movie, but I saw the first few scenes and was not surprised to find that Craig is awesome. Even if the movie were bad, it would hardly matter in my eyes.

Daniel Craig stole my heart years ago as the highwayman lover to Moll Flanders in the previously recommended miniseries. His character's name was Jebby, a name that has become synonymous with sex appeal and charm in my mind.

Meanwhile, his career continues to take off.?He's currently weathering the dismal box office performance of the Golden Compass, but is slated to star in I, Lucifer and Bond 22.

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Posted on December 31, 2007

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