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Cut by The Slits (1979) Ari Up's raw, dissonant, and bumptious vocals and the sultry dub/punk/rock compositions result in an astonishing fun and messy album (although much cleaned up from their live performances). The Slits are a new band for me, one I heard about in the documentary Punk: Attitude (which is airing on IFC) and immediately became curious about. Ari Up's dynamic and strange presence was enough alone to intrigue. I may not be the only one this trio managed to slip by. This album was only released in the US two years ago. Recently many of you may have been introduced or reintroduced to them when they reunited to open for Sonic Youth at McCarren Park. Spend, Spend, Spend an outcry against consumerism, the hazy Newtown and the catchy Ping Pong Affair are some of my favorites.

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Posted on October 1, 2007

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