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crimes of passion Fashion designer by day moonlights as a raunchy hooker by night named China Blue. Both a mild mannered techie in a sexless marriage and a deranged preacher take a particular interest in being her saviors. One through love, one through violence. From this description the movie is either the biggest piece of trash or something more interesting.

Now let me tell you that China Blue is vivaciously and convincingly played by a dynamic Kathleen Turner, Anthony Perkins expertly goes over board as the preacher, Annie Potts proves some real acting chops, and crazy Ken Russell is at the helm.

With that information, this film falls in the something more interesting category – but no fear there is a big helping of sleaze and trash thrown in. A very provocative and explicit movie about sex that I can not imagine getting made today.

Russell had a hard enough time getting an R rating then – and believe me this is pretty NC-17 stuff. Not for everyone, but a great discovery for the daring.

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Posted on May 15, 2006

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