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creme de violette rothman winter top shelfInstead of buying gifts for each other this Christmas, my friends and I decided we should each host tasting parties throughout the year where we get a nice bottle of our favorite booze and treats to eat with them: top shelf liquor for top shelf buddies.

I chose cr?me de violette by Rothman and Winter which, as I told you last week, could only be found in the fabulous boutique spirits shop LeNell's in Red Hook. And as I promised in that entry, I will now tell all about the yummy cocktails that were made.

We started in a celebratory mood with the Violette Royale, a subtle mix of 4oz champagne, _ oz cr?me de violette.

Next was the Attention Cocktail, the most complex drink of the night, with a strong anise flavor (thanks to the Ricard Pastis, also purchased at LeNells). This drink contains 2oz gin, _ oz cr?me de violette, _ oz pastis or absinthe, _ dry vermouth, and 2 dashes of orange bitters.

The third, and most beloved, cocktail was the Blue Moon a lemony concoction of 2oz gin, _ oz fresh lemon juice and _ oz cr?me de violette.

If you prefer carbonation, which I certainly do in the warmer months, try the Violet Fizz, 1 _ oz gin, 1 oz fresh lemon, _ tsp sugar, _ oz cr?me de violette, soda and ice.

All these drinks were spectacular and I am so very, very happy to be able to find the vital component.

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Posted on January 28, 2008

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