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creed brattonIt's probably no surprise to other serious fans of the Office – and allow me to get sidetracked, but why aren't there more fans out there? It seems this is just one of those things I can't even convince my good friends to give a try. True, it's not the original, it's different, but different is OK when it's still good, right? Just give the show a try. I promise. – OK, where was I?

Yes, it is probably not a surprise to Office fans to know that Creed Bratton, who goes by his real name on the show, used to be in a psych rock group in the 60's called Grassroots.

And he was beautiful. That too shouldn't be a surprise, because despite his character as a self mocking weirdo with a sordid, strange past, he is a pretty good looking man now.

Bratton was a member of the Grassroots for only two years, during which time they released the top hits “Let's Live For Today” and “Midnight Confessions” before moving on to pursue an career in acting, a career that has gained more momentum than ever in the Office.

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Posted on May 12, 2008

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