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CornmoI begged people to join us a few weeks ago for this show and everyone refused. But after finally watching the Trachtenberg Family Slide show Players (the headlining act we came to see) and growing gradually less and less impressed, maybe now I understand everybody's hesitation.

Their performance was lackluster and I couldn't help thinking that if this was my job–not even my passion (as it is for the Trachtenbergs)–but just what I had to do for a living, I'd have devoted so much more care to the archives, songs, performance, and over all watchability of the show. There is no shame in a polished performance, or knowing how to play an instrument and Cornmo, the opening act, is testament to this.

Not that I want to be too hard on the Trachtenbergs. The idea is great, and for half of the show I was enamored, but I just kept remembering Cornmo's act and the beauty of his long hair, white suit, and pot belly, and I couldn't help but compare. Cornmo is a one man vaudeville act , mixed with Queen, mixed with Daniel Kitson, performer extraordinare. His compositions and lyrics are often as poignant as they are funny. See him this Monday at Mo Pitkins before he heads out of town. I promise you will not be disappointed, I really loved his show.

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Posted on April 23, 2007

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