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cornish game hen with double cranberry thyme sauceSometimes it's hard to make a meal for two that feels special enough for the holidays. Most birds and roasts and racks will leave you with ages of left overs and cost a fortune. I found this recipe for an early just the two of us holiday dinner and was instantly jazzed to introduce myself to cooking Cornish game hen.

The Cornish game hen, or Cornish rock if you please, as they are not actually hunted like game at all, exist as a result of cross breeding in Connecticut. It is a plump bird, but with less meat on it than you might expect. I made two full split hens for the two of us and a hungry Jim devoured three halves easily.

The sauce is thick and sweet with a touch of rustic thyme to balance all that cranberry. Overall it's quite effortless considering what a pretty picture it makes.

The only thing to be aware of is that the skin can be heavy and rough on the tummies of those of us not used to eating the skin of the bird, so feel free to discard some of it (but make sure to have a few bites to get the crisp flavor of the seasonings).

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Posted on December 24, 2007

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