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cookie road dalmationWhile other establishments (the once exciting, now disappointing Ichiran and the unknown dark hole on Bedford at North 9th with the conspicuous stained glass window reading 'Girls All Night') are certainly taking eons longer than Cookie Road did to open up, its imminent opening still seemed to have the neighborhood abuzz and impatient.

Located on the corner of the ever expanding, almost-there shopping destination that is Franklin, the little shop has brightened the neighborhood in a weird but fun way with a mural depicting Charlie Chaplin and a couple of penguins.

Inside, the shop is more subdued with a counter full of both signature decorated sugar cookies and various tartlets and pastries. On our first visit we chose a sightless Dalmatian (though we would have opted for the Michael Jackson portrait ones that were available the next week for obvious reasons). As no particular fan of the simple sugar cookie, it's hard for me to judge the taste… it tasted like a sugar cookie with the standard hard icing on top.

But I can tell you for certain though that the key lime tart and the rocky road cookie we brought as dessert offerings to a friends' dinner were excellent. The tart gets high marks for the buttery graham cookie crust that tastes like something your non-health conscious grandmother would feed you with love.

And the owners, both Polish and keeping it local, are sweet as can be.

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Posted on July 20, 2009

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