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conway conwayEven the facade and signage brings to mind Orwellian distopia. But as distressing as the Conway experience can be – with it's “slightly defective” sale socks; bad, distracting music; narrow walkways overcrowded with the unmovable public; long lines with only one cashier open and general nauseating labyrinth of stairs and elevators, it is still an experience that is totally worth while.

Especially if you have no standards and you are on a budget–and let's face it we could all lower our standards for some basic needs. I have been stocking up there a lot lately since we are still living out of boxes. I got some perfectly decent sheets, those “slightly” defective socks, that work out fine for my slightly defective Jim, and some phony “Italian” brand of underwear – just as good as a name brand but with the added illusion that I am buying something fancy.

Which is the only illusion you should expect. The place practically screams in your face “You are the huddled masses and you will not pay less anywhere else for these breath mints and long johns!”

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Posted on December 18, 2006

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