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constant commentConsidering that this sixty year old blend has been “America's most popular specialty tea”, Constant Comment is certainly not easy to find on my local grocery store shelves.

The combination of spices, orange rinds and black tea makes for a soothingly familiar and aromatic tea that works well with cream and sugar.
When I finally found a box at C-Town Town, I made sure to grab two, as if they were precious commodity, never to be found again.

I went through those boxes pretty quickly. I had to buy an assorted collection of Bigelow flavors with a few Constant Comment bags stashed inside to make do until the real thing comes along.

Now that the winds are blowing and the air is brisk, nothing in the world could be more comforting… at least nothing I could put in a mug and drink.

Apparently, this tea can be used to make a cosmo cocktail which, of course, I'll have to try once I have a few tea bags to spare for experimentation.

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Posted on November 19, 2007

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