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Coney IslandThere are a few musts of Coney Island. You must walk to the end of the piers where the men fish, you must ride both the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone – which is terrifying in it's rickety old age, you must hear the words “Shoot the freakin' freak” (although it is not a must that you actually partake in the shooting) you must eat a hot dog, or my favorite, a corndog at Nathan's – which is better than any other Nathan's in the state, you must get your photo taken in the color booth that takes beautiful pictures, and you must arrive home with a bit of sun, sand in your shoes, totally exhausted from a thrilling day that made you feel like a kid …

And those are just the musts. There is also an entertaining Sideshow, the Coney Island Museum, evening film programs, burlesque, an aquarium, and multitudes of fried dough, fake tattoos, sausages, games, and chintzy souvenirs to spend your money on.

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Posted on July 3, 2006

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