Style Icons: Male »Cojo (Worst Male Style Icon)

Things that make you go hmm… This mannish thing has taken it upon himself to judge what people look like. It's astonishing. Along with his friends, Mr. Toad and Ratty, they have systematically taken any life out of the red carpet.

Just like how the Oscars themselves used to be soo much more fun when Rob Lowe was jazz handling Snow White, we like to see the over the top and the extravagant!

But you should see the fangs that come out when someone looks different or daring. They feel happiest praising the Christine Lahtis and Jane Leeves of the world and, while I have no particular problem with those ladies, the fact that the were given coveted Golden Hanger Awards makes me feel like going to my high school prom only to discover that my unassuming English teacher has been crowned prom queen.

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Posted on November 12, 2007

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