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Here's what I said then:

So I had this song on my ipod, I must have downloaded it from somewhere. It was unnamed with no artist listed, but come on, I could recognize that finger picking and that warbling anywhere. It was -?as it only could be -?the great Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Thing is, I couldn't find it on their nudie cover first album Buckingham Nicks, but I was not going to let something as magical as this song elude me.

I soon found out the name was Sorcerer and it along with other great rough gems are collected on the Coffee Plant Demos. It was never recorded for a studio album by the two of them (for shame – it was rerecorded with Sheryl Crow, but never speak of it to me, for I will not acknowledge it's right to exist) but it is one of their coolest efforts.

Just imagine Stevie lyrics of “black ink darkness” “snow dreams” and “finery” with primo Lindsay finger picking, but with out any production gloss. It is called the Coffee Plant demos because the two of them, young, unfamous, and in love used the basement of his dad's coffee plant to record them.

The hope and youth on this album, the burgeoning love that turned out the way we all know it did, lends a sadness to the listening experience. They had everything, and if their love could have produced something like this album (which, I might add, is superior to their studio recorded album) why oh why, did their love fail? Is there hope for anyone?

That said, I will return to the music. Sorcerer is not the only treasure here. Nomad, also known as Candlebright, is a creeping, melodious ballad of a woman who is “something of a dreamer” and can not be tied down to just one man.

Garbo is another great one, and one where Nicks lyrics evoke more than just their usual witchy vagueness, but, to me at least, are quite effective.

This album has been like a dream come true for me, discovering someone you admire made music superior to even your some of your favorites a long time ago is insanely exciting. If you're a fan too, enjoy!

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Posted on November 3, 2008

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