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clover club barOh what a fast paced world we live in, not two weeks old and the cocktail spot Clover Club in Carroll Gardens is the talk of the town. It's been blogged about, discussed at work, and definitive lines between lovers and haters have been established.

I am a lover, and was so excited that my friends Nina and Danny were in town and suggested meeting here. Otherwise it might have taken me awhile to head to this mostly unfamiliar (to me) neighborhood. The drinks we had including the sweet nectar like, (gin, lemon, blackberry, allspice and Champagne) Clover Punch (serves four people with one and a half drinks each for 42 dollars) and the delectable Hoffman House Fizz?(Gin, Lemon Juice, Maraschino Liqueur, Cream, Club Soda, and sugar) were top notch and totally worth the money and the journey to get there.

Haters claim the place reeks of trendy cocktail bar – like the ” Jazz Age section of a Restoration Hardware catalog.” While I agree there are similarities to the establishments like Hotel Delmano and Clover Club, and their predecessors PDT and Death and Co?I am happy to say one of the similarities is delicious cocktails. And, I don't know – what's so wrong with tin ceilings, old photos, and the Andrews Sisters playing as you sip your gin filled yummies?

My only complaint in fact, were the rowdy girls next to us and the wasted dude they were trying to impress. I now know how reality shows find their cast. In fact, most people there seemed unable to hold their liqueur and the loud obnoxiousness was in stark contrast to the mellow, speakeasy vibe of the surroundings, as “canned” as they may be to some.

There is a menu of appetizing bar food (read: sliders, deviled eggs, and fancier versions of pigs in a blanket ) but we had already eaten, so no word from me at least on how good they are. But the drinks, my goodness, the drinks are hard to beat.

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Posted on July 14, 2008

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