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clinton st baking companyI had been wanting to go to Clinton St. Baking Co. for months before it finally came together. It was worth the wait. Nothing is better to put a smile on your face than comfort food and anyplace that puts blueberry pancakes with maple butter syrup on the dinner menu knows comfort food.

Other tummy tempting menu offerings are crawdaddy benedict, spicy shrimp with cheese grits, and buttermilk fried chicken which I plan on trying during my next visit.

We were celebrating my new job so we went all out and ordered the huge foaming mug of peppermint schnapps hot cocoa. It nearly put me to sleep in cahoots with the pancakes, but I do recommend it, especially once (if) the weather gets cold.

Also worth mentioning are the biscuits that come out before your meal. Never have I taken such note of the bread selection at a restaurant, they are soft and warm, and just melt in your mouth perfectly when drizzled with butter. I could have eaten a dozen of them if I didn't have pancakes coming my way.

Word on the street is this place is superb for brunch, and I believe it. One day we walked by early on a Sunday and the line almost wrapped around the block.

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Posted on December 25, 2006

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