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Clint EastwoodThere's a reason this tough Republican has so many children with so many women. He's irresistible!

I love his no rules tough guy swagger as Callahan and it was a treat to see him as a horny Callahan-like widower in Tightrope. As an iconic cowboy in spaghetti westerns, he's a god to many, although I have to admit I've yet to make it all the way through The Good, The Bad and The Ugly–westerns are tough for me, Dead Man is the only one I think I've ever really enjoyed.

I could take him or leave him as the surly, silver haired director he's become, but if Jim or I look half as good as he does at his age, I'll feel like a lucky punk who's day has been made.

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Posted on April 23, 2007

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