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sweet cinnamon almondsAlmost all the medieval recipe collections I've looked at included sugared almonds, what must have been a common sweet treat at the time. Here is a recipe if you want to make it yourself, but in the modern day you can also buy the phenomenal Whole Foods version of Cinnamon Almonds.

Perhaps these aren't even too far off from the traditional snack. Cinnamon was a common spice and among the cheapest during the Renaissance, though people may have been a bit confused by where it came from. Herodotus, a historian of the 5th century claimed the spice came from cinnamon-bird nests guarded by bats. Not surprisingly he is known as both Father of History but also the Father of lies.

But back to the matter at hand, these amazing almonds. I loved them (and all my friends did too) and I am not even very nuts about nuts.

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Posted on September 1, 2008

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