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After MST3K, fans had nothing but reruns and DVDs to fulfill the bad movie commentary void.. but no longer. Both Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson have begun new projects, projects that are hinted to be rivals, which is sad for them, but good for fans because we just get more and more viewing pleasure.

Nelson has been working at Rifftrax, a down-loadable supplementary audio track for current blockbuster films like Harry Potter and The Happening. He also has Film Crew, which takes the MST3K concept with original cast members Bill Corbet and Kevin Murphy making fun of bad b-movies. While Film Crew is officially at an end almost before it began, you can rent the DVDs on netflix (Hollywood After Dark with Rue McClanahan is particularly great). Rifftrax continues on though.

Meanwhile Hodgson has taken the other half of the former cast and made Cinematic Titanic which you can purchase directly from their website (but not netflix… yet anyway). It's classic b-movie wisecracking and a must for those of you who have seen old reruns of the old show enough to quote the movie and the riffing. My family and I stayed up late laughing over Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks.

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Posted on March 16, 2009

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