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chikalicious puddinRight across the street from her destination dessert bar, Chikalicious, adorable chef Chika Tillman has opened the very specific Chikalicious Puddin. Now I can go either way with pudding. Made from the box fluffy tapioca, for example is a dear favrotie, while recent attempts to enjoy Jello brand chocolate pudding in those plastic cups has proven unenjoyable.

I of ocurse expected more than a Jello cup from this bright and cheery Chikalicious out post and was not wrong in assuming the quality would be superior. The menu is small, only three pudding options: brioche bread pudding, vanilla custard steamed pudding, and adult chocolate pudding.

Jim and I shared a brioche, which is served cold with a thick custard and had a subtle flavor. It was good, but the one that will keep me coming back is the steamed vanilla. This one is served slightly warmed with a less dense vanilla flavored sauce surrounding the moist steamed, cake like custard. It was a phenomenal and cheap dessert that you'll want to take advantage of while the weather is still crummy and your tummy is still craving warm sweet treats.

We didn't try the chocolate, nor did we partake in the cupcakes – we were at a place called puddin, so obviously we were there to try the pudding. The space is pretty tiny, but it seems they've improved on the comfort levels since they first opened. It used to be standing room only, round a big mod communal counter. Now there are flimy tables and seats, so it's nicer and easier to eat in the restaurant.

We went with my friend Dana and her new, beautiful baby, Bea, and the bright lights and friendly staff made for a good resting spot on an afternoon with a wee one. The famed chef herself popped in at one point and exclaimed that Bea looked just like a marshamallow, and as the queen of dessert, she ought to know.

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Posted on April 7, 2008

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