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chema from thesisRomantic ideals are repeated in our media over and over. The supposedly abhorrent and unattractive Chema in the film Thesis is mine. This ideal has its origins in my Jr High experience, but is perfected in this little horror movie from Spain.

He's an outsider who is not ostensibly the most handsome, but once you and only you have discovered him, he is actually way hotter than the most popular boy in school. He's smart and snide and is interested in horror movies, heavy metal, videogames, but of course has a sweet side he only shows his main squeeze. Of course reality rarely matches the fantasy.

In school, the weirdos I was friends with didn't always like me, and the ones I wasn't friends with sometimes did and made me uncomfortable. But Chema is just right.

Most people will not call this the most romantic film ever, but he's the Mr. Darcy for those girls that want to be able to play World of Warcraft with their dirty, misunderstood boyfriends. He seriously makes me feel like a boy crazy teenager all over again.

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Posted on May 21, 2007

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