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Cheburechnaya If the idea of eating testicles and brains freaks you out, Cheburechnaya may not be for you–unless you like to conquer your fears or are a culinary masochist. It would also be really terrifying for any of you Xenophobes, because it's the place in New York that's made me feel the most like I had gotten on a plane and was whisked to a foreign land. Uzbekistan, to be specific, where they must love their meat, all kinds and all parts on skewers.

Laura and I were somewhat daring, ordering the aforementioned lamb testicle skewers and calf brains (that were only available breaded that night) but we sprinkled in some more common faire, like the chebureki, a moon shaped meat-filled pastry that was by far the highlight of the meal, a much needed simple vegetable salad, and ground lamb and chicken kabobs.

Overall, I was glad they had sriracha sauce on the tables (but a little confused by it too) because the brain and testes were a bit on the bland side for my over spiced palette. Not that I was tasting much of anything by the end of the meal due to a goblet filled to the very brim with syrupy red wine which we received way too much of due to miscommunication with our teenage waiter who barely spoke a word of English and, even Jim will admit, was “ADOOORABLE!”

While not entirely to my taste, this restaurant is worth a trip for the experience alone and for all the unusual cuts of meat you can't often find too easily.

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Posted on October 29, 2007

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