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Charlie Watts of the Rolling StonesModest, faithful, and stable, Watts is everything an obnoxious rock star isn't, even if he wrestled with addiction and dresses like a million bucks. His refined, calm and laid back style goes beyond his lifestyle, which has always been tame in comparison to his band mates' and counter parts'. He never cheated on his wife of 43 years with groupies and he never pranced around like a peacock like the less impressive Jagger. He's a respected drummer, a huge admirer of jazz music, an ingenious promoter who came up with the promotional impromptu flatbed truck Stones performance, and an artist.

He could easily have been my style icon too with his impeccable sense for what looks good. I'm gradually becoming more of fan of the Stones but have always been a hard core devotee of Watts, the heart and soul of the group.

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Posted on September 24, 2007

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