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cha cha chocolate 5 boroughsAre you like me? Constantly disappointed by so called “spicy” chocolate that barely registers on your taste buds? Well, Cha Cha Chocolate, the 5 Boroughs brand South Bronx flavor ( I thought Cha Cha Divas came from Humbolt Park).?It's actually spicy. Not burn your tongue, can't eat spicy, but the kind of surprise after taste that tickles your whole mouth and leaves you kind of shocked.

The local company, which got into hot water by naming it's Staten Island flavor “Land Fill”, will eventually have an ice cream for every neighborhood in the city.?The Astoria flavor, which is discontinued, has bits of baklava, Jackson Heights is Mango and Cardamom, and that controversial landfill flavor has brownies and cherries.?I haven't tried these other options, but if they're as good as Cha Cha Chocolate, I am in love.

What would the ideal flavor for your neighborhood be?

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Posted on May 26, 2008

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