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Looney Tune

I’m becoming enthralled with the persona of modern Diva and spazmatazz Celion Dion. Every time I see her acting totally and completely bat shit crazy in a Talk Soup clip, I’m drawn a little bit further into her insane world. She is like a living, breathing, beat boxing Tex Avery cartoon; some sort of lunatic bird that got flattened by a steam roller or something.

I have absolutely no interest in her professional career, in fact there are fewer things I would turn off quicker than one of her songs (Amy Grant, I’m talking about you) but, as a superstar superfreakshow, I love her.

I also love the time she wore a Jon Galliano white totally crossed out tuxedo to the 1999 Oscars, leaving the inane peanut gallery of so-called fashion experts with there eyes bulging and minds blown.

Dion is definitely a blower of minds–and if you don’t believe me, please watch this amazing video from one of my favorite bloggers, Rich Juzwiak of Fourfour.

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Posted on March 31, 2008

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