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French Singer

How could the gorgeous Catherine Ribeiro not be anyone’s style icon, once you know about her. It’s the knowing about her that’s the tough part. Her albums, one of which (Ame Debout) you can read about above, are hard to find, rarely spoken of, and most information on the woman herself online is only in French.

Still, that old expression a picture is worth a thousand words rings true on her Site Officiel. This collection of photos is enough to inspire young women smokers to use cigarette holders again, to tuck their riding pants into boots and throw on a fur jacket, to possibly consider cheek bone implants (her’s are Faye Dunaway insane) and it will inspire a?thousand heavy black banged haircuts (her amazing bangs, by the way, remind me of an awesome Brix Picks reader I met at the Bad Art Auction — I was so psyched about getting recognized that I forgot to tell her she has great hair!).

She still performs today (her latter career is spent mainly performing Edith Piaf songs), looking as spectacular as she did when Godard was falling all over himself to cast her. She’s a poet, a political activist, an artist, and one of the most intriguing and beautiful women I’ve seen in a while.

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Posted on November 24, 2008

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