Songs,Style Icons: Male »Davy Jones. Daydream Believer


Davy Jones was the biggest heartthrob to come out of the Monkees (though I was always fond of Nesmith) with his charming goofiness.

I grew up with Monkee reruns and still, with no irony or embarrassment can call Daydream Believer a favorite song (and one that’s great for karaoke too).

Jones passed away today leaving behind a generation (or two) of ardent fans.

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Posted on February 29, 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Couture

Long before pre fall and fall there was Couture and these were my favorite looks:

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Posted on February 29, 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Pre Fall Part 3

Deranged French aristocrat going to the opera or Helena Bonham carter without her Renaissance Faire tendencies. Either way you describe this Nina Ricci look, it was one of my favorites of pre fall.

(And yes, I know Fall is already is full swing. I’m lazy.)

Lace is huge, from runways to girls on the streets and this John Galliano look is a nice take on the trend.

Even more interesting though, is this sheer Vionnet floor length gown (and you’ll be seeing more sheer long skirts with Fall collections. So take note!)

Viktor and Rolf bring a modest Romanticism to evening wear, a trend that’s far from new, but given new shapes and proportions.

Lanvin has the ubiquitous leather gloves – some thing we’ll all be wanting and adds a fabulous sleeve in simple black.

Simple and black gets the most adorable silhouette from Prabal Gurung.

I love Valentino’s retro bubble skirt dress. It takes me back to my early days of sifting through Vogue with my sister, gazing at Karen Mulder.

Alberta Ferretti visited the Jazz Age and came back with some frocks any sophisticated vintage lover would swoon over while remaining on trend (black lace, leather gloves.).

I just love this Peter Som peekaboo lace dress. It appeals to the junior high me that always wanted mini skirts and the adult me that’s more nuanced.

Polka dots, bow details, and tight mini dresses wouldn’t normally add up to my idea of cute but Tracy Reese put all these over the top girls components together and something quite subtly adorable happened.

I do not have a soft spot for minimalism, but with flattering lines and interesting details, here pleats and   Black on black layers, costume national always shows me the magic of  a little black dress.

I’m not totally proud when I love something by Roberto Cavalli but love these bedazzling leggings I do. Smartly paired with an easy mini coat. I can see sparkly leggings becoming a trend mall stores can latch on to so maybe we can all try this look out soon ( for better or worse).

Pant less with shoulder pads. I admit this regal but odd Balmain combo is a look only models and fashion elite will pull off but I love it anyways and think there’s something we normals can take from the idea.

This Pucci mini reminds me of a deck of tarot cards used by a practicing witch (not the set I got from best buy age 16). This association is of course awesome. More witchy fashion please!

Really into this hourglass, 80’s dress from Francesco Scognamigli. The puffy lace cut out sleeves, narrow waist, and slightly pleated skirt are great and it works perfectly but unexpectedly with knee high boots.

No one does animal print quite like Giambattista Valli. This season it’s short, wrapped and airy, and I want it.

The quilted jacket, the full skirt, the opaque tights – this Bally look is classy Autumn perfection.

Givenchy had a lot of neat looks, and I’m as surprised as you that my favorite was all black – but layered with those boots, that bag, those glasses, and that hat – this is anything but drab. Chic and wonderful.

Lacoste has been surprisingly cute lately as this black and white college girl ensemble shows.

More black and white beauty came from Derek Lam who does nice things with the trendy leather skirt of the season.This Antonio Marras retro suit is just the kind of gem I’d flip over on ebay (before it became harder and harder to get good deals on vintage).

Finally, a little color to these favorites, and just a little. Pedro Lourenco goes all futuristic and it’s quite pretty in it’s odd way,

This Anne Valerie Hash look is almost awkward but there’s some interesting ideas we can steal. First I love the mix of neutral colors. Subtle and beautiful. Second, I like that it layers a wrapped top over a blouse and under a long blazer.

Lastly, while this is not the most mind blowing outfit, I am really desiring a military inspired jacket like this. It would look so perfect over pretty much anything.

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Posted on February 20, 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Pre Fall Part 2

My goodness, Fall is already starting and I’m just getting all the Pre Fall stuff together.

Well, first things first – everyone needs a funky, geometric sweater in bright, fun colors. A good sweater is, in my opinion the hardest thing to find but Jonathan Saunders, master of color combos, gives us some beauties. Love the skirts too. Great mix of retro and modern.

Clements Ribeiro, on a similar wave length, gives us a quirky pairing with this geo cardigan.

And Richard Nicholl adds a bit of rust leather to the look. It seems that a leather skirt is another good thing to seek out – even better? The latest styles could probably be found in thrift stores!

Really liked Sonia Rykiel’s collection and these fashionable business looks are divine. There’s so much to steal from this image – starting with a wide leather belt (again, I’d start vintage) and that long pleated skirt is just great! Also can’t resist a suit in an unexpected pattern and fabric.

Color blocking makes me happy, especially in fresh, gorgeous colors like this white, green and navy Preen look. We can copy the idea with layering solids and trying new color combos of what we already have in our closets.

This bright red, turquoise color combo is a huge love. I even have an outfit for Van in these and it rules. Also love the shape of this dress.

This lovely Rochas look reminds me of old Prada – a good thing. Love the luxe/casual idea here that totally makes me what to go out, buy a vintage brocade skirt so I can wear it with a sweatshirt.

Loved a lot of the No. 21 looks, but their take on the trendy, girly pink is excellent. Pairing such a feminine look with black leather gloves is fab and they’ve even made wrapping a sweater around one’s waist look sexy. Not sure that will work in real life though.

This Yigal Azrouel dress is just cute perfection. Wish I could see the pattern up close.

Albino also gives us a great dress that reminds me two trends from my junior high years: baby doll dresses and velvet burnout. Yet, I wouldn’t feel ridiculous wearing this.

Balenciaga was all sorts of questionable/awesome. This kimono, zebra thing is one of the more wearable looks, but despite the collection’s wildness, I predict it will influence future collections in a big way.

Ok, now I’m torn. Is this shiny snake skin look wonderful or hideous? Maybe it would be ideal if the components were ripped apart and paired with something else? Cause that skirt is pretty sick and would look great with a heavy metal tee, and the cardigan would be great with a bright pencil skirt or even wide leg trouser. Right?

So, this is my row of ugly chic. Starting with Celine, that frankly, was weird, confusing, unflattering, yet felt strangely significant as if we’d all be wearing clothes clownishly large on us in ten years. Anyways, this look was actually wearable and I do love the print plus the longer skirt with the gorgeous white and black boots.

JW Anderson also played with frumpy shapes but had more fun with geo patterns and creepers. Love the mix of grey flannel with the funky geo.

Not my favorite Matthew Williamson collection but I can totally see myself wrapping into this sweater fur thing and grossing out every guy I know.

Marni does ugly chic best and it ends up looking just adorable. This plaid sweater, pleated skirt back to school look is a great example of that Marni magic.

Coats! Coats! Wonderful coats. Carven offered my favorite – this mustard mini coat that looks vintage and sparkly new at the same time. Would love to own this for Fall. Carven proved with this collection that they can dazzle in subtle ways too.

Kenzo’s collection was chock full of stuff that shouldn’t have worked but totally did. This coat is almost reminiscent of those weird winter jackets men (like kid’s hockey coach type men) wore in the late nineties but it’s fashionable and fabulous. Also brilliantly paired with a super short mini skirt.

This Damir Doma look calls to mind the great Iris Apfel, so of course I love it.

Louis Vuitton offers a cute, cozy coat with adorable fur pockets. Wonder if I can find a vintage fake fur one that’s similar…

Dior seems to have gotten better lately after losing Galliano as this look shows. This is how rich, effortlessly chic French women should dress. It’s not trendy but this lady would make heads turn wherever she went. Would love to find a simple coat with volume like this one.

Another voluminous but flattering jacket comes from Chloe. Perfect with the longer skirt and red boots.

Alexander McQueen was quite beautiful and this velvet dress with capris is just lovely. Who knew the dress over pants thing could look so luxe?

This Elie Saab gown is the kind that I might not think twice about on the red carpet, but on its own, I have to admit it’s very pretty and somehow makes see through lace with straps look demure.

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Posted on February 8, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Ben Gazzara

Character Actor

So long Ben Gazzara. You were awesome.

Those looking to partake in a Gazzara marathon in tribute? Let me recommend a few gems starting light and ending depressing: Big Lebowski (Jackie Treehorn!), Hysterical Blindness, Roadhouse, Anatomy of a Murder, Dogville, and Husbands.

(Told you he was awesome.)

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Posted on February 5, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Mike Kelley

Art Legend

I was deeply sad to hear that artist Mike Kelley took his own life today. A legendary creator, his multimedia performances, installations, films, and paintings have been a huge influence on my generation.

Many people probably know him best for his work featured on Sonic Youth’s Dirty album. Within his varied career, he re-imagined discarded stuffed animals, images from high school year books, plastic knink knacks, and crystal sculptures inspired by Superman. He started out in music as a member of the underground band Destroy All Monsters.

He was 57.

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Posted on February 1, 2012

Hunks,Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Boney M

Disco Coolness

A brief perusal of the internet of Boney M videos and images will lead you to the conclusion that there’s a pretty strong case they may be the coolest band that ever was.

Singer and insanely cool dancer (just look here) Bobby Farrell is a weirdly handsome front man and the ladies dress like goddess/disco/alien butterflies most of the time.

I would have loved to have been a member. The only surprise is that they weren’t more popular outside Germany (where they were created).

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Posted on January 17, 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Pre-Fall Part 1

Thick fabrics, brocade and otherwise, make prefall’s most interesting silhouettes. Starting with Proenza Schouler and their squishy, gorgeous collection. They never used to be my favorite but lately they are killing it. Lots to love in the collection but I’d most like to attend winter parties in this cozy high waisted wrap look.

Pringle of Scotland not only gave us exceptional booties but great flattering shapes like this cinched puff skirt suit. Love

I just want to take a nap in this Ports 1961 blanket coat which manages to still flatter with all its bulk.

TSE tends to be too basic for my tastes but when basic meets a silhouette this perfect magic is made. Glad subtle volume is not going anywhere this season.

Oh, Thakoon. Pretty doesn’t begin to describe. This pastel look takes elements that have traditionally been, frankly uptight (a turtle neck and a grey blazer?) and brought it to the ballet. I’d love to figure out a way to replicate the feel of this ensemble with items in my closet.

Trompe l’oeil, funky Chanel esque jackets, there was a lot of fun stuff to pick from the cheap and chic collection. But I couldn’t help pairing this with Von Furstenberg’s yellow, black and white look. A great combo that looks fresh and funky. Also note: we all need some lady like gloves.

Ok, in real life, I’m probably not on board with these shorts but I do love the mixing of black and white patterns, the jacket is fabulous and once again (a recurring theme) the turtleneck gets the pretty treatment. Good for the much maligned turtleneck!

Good for Phillip Lim adding a big dose of fun. Love the comic book sweater that is somehow still fashionable rather than gimmicky. Maybe it helps being paired with a perfect fall weather leather skirt.

These rumpled trousers toe the line of sloppy but win out thanks to the perfect cuff. Foes this mean my skills of cuffing from my ore teens years will come in handy once again? Also, adore the trompe l’oeil belt and once again another great little jacket – a piece no one can have too many of.

Am I wrong to like this all red look? I might be. But that sweater is the kind that makes it worth it to date one of those terribly hip bits you see hanging out at the Ace Hotel. Just so you can steal it. I also think this collection may have subconsciously caused me to buy a fur hat. For that I’m thankful.

Wallpaper floral matching pant suit? Who knew DKNY could get so quirky? Not only that, but get quirky so very right? This could easily look clownish but instead it’s chic and making me rethink the hated concept of matchy matchy.

Palazzo pants are another often hated trend, but I’ve always kind of loved them. Doo.Ri’s elegant belted pattern suit might even get a few new followers to the wide leg look.

While there’s nothing groundbreaking to mention about this Jason Wu dress, I do think it;s terribly adorable and flattering. I’d wear this all the time.

Burberry has been presenting some of the most wearable luxury lines now for several seasons. Pre Fall gives us this girlie but sophisticated cocktail dress. So in love.

Admittedly, I really did not like the overall Michael Kors collection but it got me right at the end with the awesome proportions and fabric mixing in this casual/dressy look. I am stealing this idea for the next time I get to dress up.

Keeping the world classy, Reem Acra! This is just lady like perfection.

Jackets seem to be getting kind of future and I like it. I’ll take this Reed Krafkoff one for milder days…

And this Blade Runner-tastic Narciso Rodriguez one for chillier ones, thank you!

I know, I know, it’s fur, but it’s also really lovely, simple, and beautiful and fur just looks great to me right now… But I only do fake, so chill.

More fur, this time simple doesn’t play any role in it whatsoever. Glad he’s still all about dressing insanely rich people with taste.

Loved Chanel. Gold and pearls might just be my favorite friends.

Well, isn’t this Donna Karan dress a joy. I finally have some weddings coming up and if I could, this would be my dress.

See more great looks after the jump!!

Click here for the rest of Best of Pre-Fall Part 1

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Posted on January 8, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Best of 2011 – Style Icon: Male

Flaboyant performers always steal my heart as two have made more short list (three if you count Numan’s robotic persona as flamboyant).

It was also a year for the perfect blue thanks to a fab painter and summer dreaming fashion photography.

But, the mind blowing designer behind many of Bowie’s greatest looks gets the top spot.

1. Kansai Yamamoto

2. Little Richard

3. Sylvester

4. Yves Klein

5. Tom Palumbo

6. Gary Numan

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Posted on December 31, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Rene Lalique

Art Nouveau Designer

While it’s taken a hit with its association with college dorm rooms, I still adore the Art Nouveau movement, particularly when it comes to jewelry.

Rene Lalique was one of France’s most acclaimed masters and his gorgeous work speaks for itself.
I’d do just about anything to own his huge serpent brooch – which unfortunately means robbing a museum, which I’m not totally up for.

He was also a gifted glass maker and later became associated with Art Deco.

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Posted on December 15, 2011

Hunks,Style Icons: Male »Little Richard

The King and Queen of Rock and Roll

Sure, now Little Richard is a goofball in commercials but, think on it, back when he exploded on the scene he was down right, out if sight, daring!

He was funny, omnisexual, and untamed. He let loose with unsuppressed screams and his hair! Oh my, his hair! Coiffed doesn’t even begin.

His influence is huge, most famous musicians name him as their gateway to rock and roll (Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown etc).

Plus, (surprise, surprise) what a total babe he used to be. Right?

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Posted on December 9, 2011

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Paris Fashion Week

OK, so it’s taken forever to organize and write about it, but Paris was amazing, just amazing. And if I had to choose a favorite it would be Comme des Garcons off the wall white wedding. Walking art!

Vivienne Westwood presented amazing off kilter looks that magically played with human proportions. This mystery rich woman vacationing in the desert look is a personal favorite.

Yohji Yamamoto was at his very best with these feminine black and white looks. Love the unique sleeves and layering.

Like every one in this row, Ann Demeulemeester is known for doing the same but different, and like everyone mentioned as well, this season’s different was extraordinary. Her East meets West collection of floor skimming skirts, wide brimmed hats,double breasted jackets and fringe was quietly epic.

Givenchy, after a few stunning shows, was admittedly not my favorite, but this leather dimensional mini was pretty amazing.

A.F. Vandevorst’s drapey gothic mix of feminine and military could have walked off into the sunset with the Demeulemeester collection and lived happily ever after. Must figure out how to mimic this great small jacket, flowing top, skinny jeans look.

I am not a minimalist but this simple yet off kilter jacket by Nicholas Andreas Tralaris is spectacular.

Damir Doma, also following a dark feminine trail. The gold neckline of this gown is elegant and would be so awesome for holiday parties. The choker is a definite want.

What an unexpected surprise Valentino was! I almost feel bad being so in love with the collection when Valentino is no longer at the head, but with gorgeous silhouettes, wonderful embellishment and fun surprises (hints of black and neon on conservative beige!) this was one of the seasons bests.

Chanel was in a winter wonderland and finally making lots of flattering pieces. This puff sleeve pocketed eyelet dress is incredible.

Vuitton was on a similar brainwave with thier carousel of confectionery dresses. Kate Moss looks stunning in this full skirt mini – a silhouette I’d love to come to chain stores so the rest of us can try it.

Sophia Kokosalaki presented a beautiful collection. This fairy princess gown would be such a dream wedding gown.

Alexander McQueen continues to honor his legacy. This floor length beige lace gown.. wow. And it vaguely reminds  me of one of my favorite dresses.

Balenciaga hasn’t been a personal favorite for a few seasons but all that stopped with this outrageously chic and stand alone collection. The long visor hats! The interesting silhouettes and materials, it all made for a eye opening experience that was truly unlike anything else seen this season.

Beige craze continues with this gorgeous flower of a dress. So pretty, too bad the chances of finding anything like it are slim.

Junya Wantanabe’s The Birds meets the British countryside collection – so great! Loved so much, but my heart stopped when I saw this cape jacket. What I wouldn’t do…

Usually I try to find trends that us normal people can use in shows,  but frankly so much of Paris was uniquely high fashion that I’ve mostly just been in awe BUT here’s a look we can steal from. Love how Veronique Leroy uses a utilitarian color to toughen up the girlie pleated skirt and bow collar top. Also, think one color ensembles will be tres chic for spring.

Yellow looked bold and refreshing at Rykiel and this mustard canvas skirt is pretty killer. Love the idea of layering a skinny top with a tank too.

Kenzo was full of fun just look at this balloon pant, ruffle top outfit. This should not look good, and yet it does. Wonder if really full pants can be worn in real life?

There were so many Rue du Mail dresses I coveted that this was one of the hardest to choose a single image from. I especially love when they pull from romantic vintage inspiration.

Nina Ricci was also lovely and romantic, this ditsy confetti floral dress is just too cute for words.

Oh Carven, you have won my heart over and over. Neon tribal? Thank you, thank you!!

Miu Miu’s heavy jacquards rule and I think we will be seeing more of the trend in upcoming collections.

So much wearable wonderfulness from Sacai! I suddenly need a floral spring jacket and a see through pleated skirt. This look is too perfect.

More amazing looks after the jump.

Click here for the rest of Best of Paris Fashion Week

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Posted on November 23, 2011

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Milan Fashion Week

Paillettes, paillettes, three cheers for paillettes!! This silver tux coat’s fab but I am even more in love with the Valentina tee. The look’s from Iceberg, which I usually find you have to be Euro, and a pretty weird Euro at that, to appreciate but this collection was over all surprisingly great.

Piazza Sempione is another line I don’t recall being wowed by in the past but this collection was lovely. This pale pink, casual/luxe look is especially beautiful.

Emporio Armani dazzled me with this look. I love when outfits look flawlessly thrown together. You don’t see pants, tunic, cardigan – you see eccentric elegance.

Armani again with these gorgeous balloon skirt gowns. Not usually my thing but these are really lovely. I could imagine getting married in the one on the far right. Or at least really ruining someone elses wedding by showing up in it.

Didn’t like Pucci on Gwennie, though I am one of those that can’t stand the woman so how could I? But this white ensemble makes me happy in a way that belly tops rarely do. The whole collection had a very of the moment Dia de Los Muertes vibe (did anyone else notice there were more than a few sugar skulls ladies out on Halloween? A great idea but somehow suddenly ubiquitous)

Aqualino.Rimondi with its architectural shapes, soft palette, and elaborate prints was one of my favorite shows from Milan. It was tough to choose one favorite but I love the shape and interesting mix of silver and gold of this one.

Glad to see pink was still big in Italy. This pale cut out mini is just the right mix of pretty and Versace slutty.

Whereas Marni got their bubble gum hue on with just the right mix of sexy and Marni dorkiness.

I won’t lie, Prada was not my favorite. I thought the first applique was a squid, found out it was a hot rod, and it was over. But have to love a knee length soft leather forest green pleated skirt. Killer.

Oh! this see through bulky cable knit cardigan would be so rad to have in the in between seasons. Throw it over a summer dress in fall, a tee and jeans in spring. Too bad finding something like this for the less than wealthy is hopeless.

Not wild about the necklace afterthought, but the black gloves, the uptight stiff collared shirt and the dangerous looking silver skirt is more than a little bit genius.

Jil Sanders’ clinical whites are inspiring me to seek out white knee high boots. The Picasso sweaters were also amazing.

Where Moschino was too costume-y, the farmers market themed Cheap and Chic was just goofy enough to be fun but totally wearable. I’d love a poof skirt dress with a green grass print!

This Dolce and Gabbana look makes me want to go on vacation now, this instant. I want to wear this with a huge brimmed hat, have someone place a lei around my neck and eat complimentary fruit plates with some beach appropriate cocktail. Now!

D&G somehow made scarf prints fresh again. Lots of fantastic hippie dresses on display but this mini was too great not to share.

Antonio Marras was one busy man. First, there was a nice collection with cute looks, and then, at the end an entire second collection on a different vein, including this awesome folksy skirt at jacket. I could incorporate this into my wardrobe so easily. Will have to keep an eye out for similar vintage items.

Oh my goodness! Cut out two tone oxfords! I am dying over Ter et Bantine’s shoes.

Ok, this is Albino dress is what I’d like to wear to someone’s wedding without committing any faux pas.

Not many people were on the super luxe excess train but this silk parachute pant red purple animal print look from Ferragamo is timelessly tacky – and I sincerely mean that in the best way. If I were to start full time work again tomorrow and had a boat load of money to buy my first day outfit. I’d wear this (sans cleavage). It would be awesome.

Dsquared2 took obnoxious to a new level with the Heiniekin infused rich hipster collection. BUT my god, the embroidery on these jeans!

More favorite looks after the jump…

Click here for the rest of Best of Milan Fashion Week

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Posted on November 4, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Gary Larson

Far Side Creator

Fellow getting older-ers, think of all the common daily occurrences from our not too distant pasts that have simply ceased to be:

We wrote physical hand written, intricately folded notes in class and none of us had cell phones.

We’d go to the video store, stare at the wall of horror movies and hope the slasher we wanted for our sleep over wasn’t checked out. (Otherwise it was to the new releases and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape because Dazed and Confused was out).

We not only listened to the radio, we recorded our favorite songs.. on cassette!

Phone calls on corded phones could last hours even if we had seen our friends moments ago.

Paper magazines were coveted weekly glimpses at fashion that simply couldn’t be found anywhere else..

And, if you can believe it, all people in America looked forward to getting the newspaper(!) even if it was just to read the latest Far Side.

I don’t know maybe it was a nostalgic wave of how things used to be that had me bizarrely waking up this morning with my first thoughts of Gary Larson.

I mean what happened to him? He was the one funny man everyone could agree on (before Seinfeld) but no one knew his face. And then he just retired. Not Jay-Z Tom Ford “retired” but for real.

I hope he’s living fat and happy off that one-a-day calendar money because he really made a lot of people’s days better.

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Posted on November 2, 2011

Style Icons: Male »Franciszek Starowieyski

Polish Artist

I don’t know what it is about Polish poster designers, but their work is fantastic (see Moma exhibit and this site).

Franciszek Starowieyski stands out among them as a unique talent. His work is both creepy and beautiful.

I happened across the image to the left and knew I had to find out more about him.

While there’s not much to be found about him personally, the image galleries abound and will make you swoon with delight.

A perfect way to spend some time to get in the Halloween spirit!

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Posted on October 27, 2011

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of London Fashion Week

Love Mary Katrantzou and this floral puff of a dress is particularly wonderful. It’s like a happy explosion of spring at its best and a new silhouette which is a rare thing.

Peter Pilotto was another favorite collection. His use of Indonesian tropical prints was awesome, an interpretation that feels new and sexy.

Time to find all the floral prints we can, right? Erdem’s mixing of girlie patterns will have a huge influence on me (and probably many other girls itching to look dainty and pretty).

Christopher Kane was even softer and daintier than seasons past and this shimmering floral top and silver mini were the tops. This top just makes me happy to look at it.

David Koma reminded me of Tron and Grace Jones, so of course, in my opinion the collection ruled. The disco ball and neon stuff was fab but I’d really do just about anything to be able to pull off (and afford) this pink and white body con number. I hope this cut out design trend trickles down to the cheap mall stores, I really do.

Antonio Berardi took similar geo shapes and created a gorgeous collection of silky dresses, often dipped in rubies. So many pretty dresses to pick from, but I found these elaborately embellished leggings with the palest of pink blazers to be the most interesting look. And it continues the London influx of pink, which you’ll see more of very soon.

Fashion Fringe offered a great collection from Fyodor Golan, whose Birds meets Victorian goth gowns reflected their time as designers at Alexander McQueen. Love the fly away sleeves.

Julian MacDonald continues to wow me with his intricate details and this semi see-through gown is one of the most eye catching. It’s nothing we mere mortals could dream of replicating, but it’s the stuff day dreams of red carpets and special parties are made of.

I promised you would Think Pink! and this soft take on menswear from Thomas Tait was one of most unexpected places to find the feminine color. (Also, isn’t Tait just a total, wonky babe?)

Another shade of rose came alive in an adorable full skirt dress at Acne. Love that looks are continuing to be kind of buttoned up instead of overtly sexy.

A similar shape and more coral tone comes from Nicole Fahri. And aren’t you starting to ache for a pink dress of your own?

If not, this Roksanda Ilinic fuchsia knee length look, complete with matching hair should do the trick.

Burberry just can’t do any wrong in my eyes. Every collection has about ten looks I can’t choose from. This time it was perfectly pleated skirts, rad prints, cropped jackets and interesting color combinations that had me smiling. And those shoes, my goodness.

I’m not always drawn to simple looks, but Paul Smith showed that simple can be perfect. The neutral paired with bright yellow, the easy shoes and belt, man, even the fedora – a trend I thought had sh-t the bed, looks casually cool. If you saw this girl walking down the street, you’d yearn to be her friend and start looking for a yellow skirt.

Jonathan Saunders is usually a top favorite, but following the pastel trend, he wasn’t quite on my wave length. Still, there’s no denying the beauty in this layered look. Shades of grey and pale brights – must remember this pretty combination!

This Jaeger Collection bold striped retro dress is probably has the most in common with my own wardrobe, except I suspect it’s done in a finer fabric than polyester and cost more than $8 on ebay. Anyways, I love it.

Oh Sass and Bide, you make me happy! This bright vaguely ethnic gown is one of my top loves of the whole London shows. Ok, not to totally nerd out, but it’s what I would wear if I were Daenerys Targaryen.

Emilio de la Moreno was a near miss for me, but I was totally sucked into this crafty embroidered dress. Can’t even tell what it is exactly but I like.

Not a fan of all of what strutted down the JW Anderson runway but I would love to get my hands on this chain mail inspired flirty dress.

Love the shape of this Mark Fast mini. It was the freshest manifestation of his crochet fringe vision.

Ok, another typo – apologies – this lace meets psychedelic look is from Clements Ribeiro and it’s pretty darn fabulous. Who thought components as at odds as this would look so nice together. And who thought optic illusion prints could be cool again after the 1990’s?

Love the way this black and white photo print cuts to color. A wild look but also totally wearable.

Peter Jensen showed a lot of copyable looks but I loved this prom dress over button down the most.

Willow took their theme and ran with it, and it resulted in this stunning, dreamy and strange dress.

After the jump see other excellent looks and soon I’ll have Milan and Paris for you.

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Posted on October 1, 2011

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of New York Fashion Week

I thought I was disappointed in NY Fashion Week, maybe just because so much threw me for a loop, but I ended up with tons of favorite looks to sort through, so I guess it was pretty rad after all.

One of the raddest collections was 10 Crosby Derek Lam. This mix of bold Hawaiian print (a trend I am usually weary of) paired with the black and white pencil skirt is odd which everyone was all about – but unlike man – it looks sleek, stylish and wearable. How can we pull this off I wonder? I doubt a tight skirt pulled over a longer dress is the easiest combo, but I plan on trying it.

In the topsy turvydom of the week, it was J Crew that turned up some of the freshest and most wearable outfits. I had lots of great looks to pick from but am totally in love with the denim shirt paired with a shimmery midi skirt. Addition of bright red summer pumps a plus – their stylist deserves an awesome vacation.

I love the proportions and pattern mix of this Edun look a ton. The origami folds in the billowy top look great with a cropped jacket and that little peek of plaid. Have the cropped jacket, but no blouse as awesome as this.. wonder where I can find something similar for an easy Spring weekend getup.

Suno delivered with excellent silhouettes like this Amish-chic set that looks as unique as it does classic. Proof that their more than their bold prints (which I still kind of missed in this collection).

First, apologies for the misspelling – we’re working on almost no sleep here and I am too lazy to go back in and fix it, (so let’s forgive any other misspellings I haven’t caught while we’re at it). Anyways, another great look from Derek Lam and one that we can all pull of ourselves probably with item already in the closet. I am not a pants kind of girl but this combo makes me what to break out the couple pairs I own and get layering.

Nerd chic was everywhere. Awkward was the vibe of the hour but almost no one got it right like Jil Sander Navy. The over all collection left a great impression but I picked this subdued ensemble for it’s tonal layering and the great edge the leather skirt gives to the look. Leather skirts usually look so Gucci, but here it’s total Miranda July. Plus I need those shoes.

Never thought I’d love a Tory Birch collection so much. The whole essence of the collection transported me to some fictional 1920’s rich person holiday yet it never felt like costume.

Also with a vacationing flapper vibe, but far more bizarre was Thom Browne, which managed to push the envelope while remaining interesting and stylish. Should he be tapped for Dior?

Some of the best prints came from unexpected places like this kitty design at Victoria by Victoria Beckham (also misspelled, oops). Love the laid back cut of this dress too. Yes, I would love to wear this please!

If I had to pick one swimsuit for next summer this Peter Som zebra head two piece would definitely be it.

Doro Oluwu is always great with the patterns and this collection didn’t disappoint. this fitted cardigan look is perfect. Must seek out lots of easy floral dresses this spring, I think.

Anna Sui is always doing her same song and dance but that doesn’t mean their aren’t fantastic looks to be had. This sketchy stripe is super fun with the 1940’s inspiration and even better in a turban. If I could make this my early spring hat, I would be glowing with happiness.

As a young vintage obsessive, I remember being really excited when Imitation of Christ first started, then it kind of fizzled and went away, right? Well this collection was a major comeback and I loved many of the pieces. In particular, the over-sized corsage lace number on the right? I would have happily gotten married in that.

Lace was used in interesting ways this season. I love Preen’s pairing with neon and bit map prints, turning very “girlie” elements into something slightly and strangely futuristic.

Never been a huge Ports 1961 fan that I can recall, but really liked this collection. I could probably never pull off something so tight, but that doesn’t stop me from absolutely loving this wrapped up mini.

Pastels were huge but pastels are tough. Philip Lim got it right with this easy, slouchy look which somehow makes lilac trousers look like they should be a wardrobe staple.

Spring was not all about pretty pale colors though, some stuff stayed gothy, like this XO print cape from Libertine that just floored me with its awesomeness.

Also found myself very drawn to Threeasfour’s culty, witchy, fishnetty prints and punk layering dresses. This is a look impossible to replicate but I feel like I could find something that plays on the same Alistair Crowley meets 1992 vibe.

While I am no minimalist at heart, I have always loved me some Helmut Lang.. but what about the label without the man himself? Turns out I like that too. This complicated bodice dress is as wearable as it is a work of art.

Really digging the Francesc by Frank Tell vibe too – lots of leather and lace – a little something for Stevie and Don Henley.

For the first time in years, found the Marc line a little boring, but can’t resist this flapper dress/office girl look from the main line. Shimmering, pretty, but very unique. A huge love.

Not the biggest fan on jumpers, but this silvery, lace sleeved number from Rebecca Taylor is quite pretty and could even be flattering.

Prabal Gurung’s bold strokes of vibrant purple were memorable and lovely next to the clean crisp whites.

The season was all about the white dress. There were so many lovely ones, but my favorite was this draped light as air dress from Doo. Ri

See more great looks after the jump!

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Posted on September 24, 2011