Style Icons: Male,TV Shows »Sherman Hemsley, The Jeffersons


I didn’t grow up with The Jeffersons, I discovered it later in life during Nick at Night marathons (and wrote about it here). I was sad to hear of Sherman Hemsley‘s passing. He was a cultural icon and quite funny, though extremely private in his personal life. He was 74.

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Posted on July 30, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Paul Rand, Sparkle and Spin

Graphic Designer

While classic graphic design just isn’t my bag (tweaning and font obsession? No thank you) I appreciate the talent of those that do it. Few artistic jobs have as much command over the world, as everyone is familiar and influenced (whether acutely aware of it or not) by graphic design.

One of the heavies in the industry is Paul Rand, who is as brilliant at logo design for major corporations (Enron and IBM are just a couple) as he is at riveting, lovely children’s books. Might as well add a recommendation for the colorful book Sparkle and Spin that Van and I have been enjoying that he made with his wife.

While Rand himself, who not only created lasting designs, but wrote several books on the subject is a huge inspiration to subsequent designers, he himself drew from Modernist artists and art philosophy.

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Posted on July 25, 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Fall Couture 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Resort 2013 Part 3

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Resort 2013 Part 2

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Resort 2013 Part 1

Style Icons: Male »Willie Nelson

Red Headed Stranger

I am very much feeling the long braid for men and Willie Nelson is kind of the master of it.
Of course, the singer (one of my favorites) has much more accomplishments than just that to warrant a spot among my style icons.

He’s a rebel. Even if just a tax evasion weed smoking rebel, he stands firm on his beliefs which are mostly to be thankful and kind to others which in many ways makes him more independent and bad ass than the money hungry ego centric rock stars of today.

He’s an amazing talent (no one sings or writes the way he can) and one that always inspires us older people to keep on with our passions. He didn’t achieve his height of success until he was forty, not that “success” was ever really this outlaw/country/hippie/icon’s goal. He mostly seems to want to be happy and make others happy with his music (only stopping to fight for causes he finds important like farmers rights and the legalization of marijuana).

His music is special – I know I’ve had days where nothing but a willie Nelson song will do. So, aside from his effortless cool look- not only with those braids, but a perfectly fitted black tee and worn jeans, Nelson is just an awesome guy whose music makes my world a better place.

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Posted on June 17, 2012

Books,Style Icons: Male »Ray Bradbury, The Vintage Bradbury


I’ve been wanting to write a little tribute to Ray Bradbury after his passing, but realized that it’s been some time since I read his books and thought revisiting his work was long overdue.

Jim and I have amassed quite a collection of his books from our teen years and I settled on The Vintage Bradbury, which I enjoyed immensely and only made his death sadder.

The stories I always most vividly remembered were of far away places like Mars or distant futures with wild (but not completely unrealistic) technologies (as in the memorable story The Veldt) but this time around, I responded more to his universal and terrestrial imaginings.

Many of his stories tackle relatable human fears and paranoia, whether giving birth or simply becoming aware of ones body, whether losing one’s status and sense of safety or finding out who you really are in your last moments – the horrors that face us daily.

A Vintage Bradbury is a “best of” collection, but one curated by the author himself and is a varied and thoroughly compelling read.

He was a prolific writer who helped bring speculative fiction to the main steam. A true original and an inspiration.

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Posted on June 15, 2012

Songs,Style Icons: Male »Jive Talkin, Robin Gibb


Disco is really taking a hit. Robin Gibb of the awesomely smooth Bee Gees recently passed away on the heels of disco great Donna Summer.

In tribute I suggest listening to Jive Talkin‘ at least several times. You’ll feel good and feeling good is what The Bee Gees were all about. A pretty great legacy to leave behind: smiling, dancing fans.

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Posted on May 24, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Vidal Sassoon


And the sad news keeps coming. Vidal Sassoon was the symbol of fancy style to a very young me.

Sitting in hair salons while my mom got a cut, the over-sized posters, the purple bottles- they hinted at an exotic, high class world of womanhood that I couldn’t wait to be a part of.

But long before those days, when Sassoon had become a household product name, he was being radder than I could have imagined.

Balancing style with ease, geometrics with the organic, he changed hair styles for women. The man created the classic bob for goodness sakes.

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Posted on May 13, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Maurice Sendak


Sad, sad news. Like so many, I grew up on Maurice Sendak. His illustrations weren’t just cute, they spoke to our fears and wildest imagination.

While Where the Wild Things Are is timeless and undoubtedly his most lasting and beloved book, I was personally most effected by the creepy Outside Over There, a haunting story of goblins kidnapping a little sister.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, I highly recommend you seek it out. It fueled whispering fantasies between my sister and I about what might lurk in the woods behind our house.

I guess that’s what I loved about Sendak’s work the most, like The Grimm brothers before him, his work wasn’t scared of children’s imagined sensitivities and frailties, it let us feel elated, frightened, hurt, thrilled, excited..

He was a true original and I will share his magical work with my kids who will no doubt share it with theirs.

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Posted on May 10, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Adam MCA Yauch


Maybe it’s because we that grew up listening to The Beastie Boys are at the age when horrible things realities like cancer and other illnesses no longer just seem like something that happens to other people. Maybe it’s because anyone my age has at least one vivid memory associated with the band (I have quite a few myself) but the tragic death of Adam Yauch, aka MCA, has hit people of my generation particularly hard.

It feels like someone we knew has passed on. It’s close to home and he was far, far too young.

He was the social conscience of the band, the one that brought some gravitas to the party. He and his Tibetan activist wife have a daughter, and the photo below just breaks my heart for them.

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Posted on May 4, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Aquirax Uno

Awesome Artist

There’s little information to be found about psychedelic artist Aquirax Uno but his vibrant, wild works speak for themselves.

I mean, wow!

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Posted on May 3, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Levon Helm


The Band was one of the most effortlessly cool groups in rock and roll ever and one that is still influencing musicians and men who aspire to a sort of timeless hipness that grows from American roots that is hard to capture (but oh so relevant, especially today – look at any mustached bar keep or farmer-chic butcher).

The heart of the band was the charismatic drummer and singer Levon Helm. He played backup for Bob Dylan, had a solo career as musician and actor (notably in Steven Seagal’s Fire Down Below, and continued making music out of Woodstock, NY).

After a long battle with cancer, Helm passed away a few days ago but his legacy lives on and his work is fondly remembered by those who knew him and those who were moved by his music.

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Posted on April 22, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Dick Clark

“America’s Oldest Teenager”

So long Dick Clark. His influential American Bandstand introduced America to rock and roll. Here are a few favorite moments to watch in his honor: Cyndi Lauper, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Doors, DEVO, Buddy Holly, Berlin, Blondie, and The Big Bopper.

The passing of such a nice man (and the 20,000 Dollar Pyramid host -let’s not forget!) is very sad news. Almost as sad is the fact that New Years will, going forward, be associated with Ryan Seacrest instead.

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Posted on April 18, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Nicholas Kirkwood

Shoe Designer

If a shoe on the runway has made you look twice or your jaw drop, there’s a good chance it’s been designed by Nicholas Kirkwood, the outrageously talented Brit.

Young and innovative, Kirkwood like so many greats, was encouraged by the late Isabella Blow. He worked with Philip Treacy and under the influence of that experience moved on to create statement shoewear that makes my heart skip a beat.

I’ve never wanted to be filthy rich so bad as when browsing his collections. The latest Keith Haring ones, for example are just beyond words.

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Posted on April 14, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Ralph McQuarrie

Conceptual Designer

Ralph McQuarrie was largely responsible for the awesome phenomena of the Star Wars world.

A gifted artist and visionary designer, his conceptual drawings gave life to the beloved universe.

A few of my favorite designs by him were the sand raiders, snow walkers, and Darth Vader.

He was also part of the design for Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Back to the Future, and Total Recall.

He passed away at age 82.

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Posted on March 4, 2012