Style Icons: Female »Cindy Crawford

Iconic Supermodel

I don’t know why, but I was really hoping when the September issue of Vogue was revealed it would feature someone like Cindy Crawford, looking all golden age supermodel. While Lady Gaga is a considerably better choice than Sienna Miller, I’m not thrilled with pop icons taking over all the important covers.

Oh well, better things to worry about, right?

But it did get me thinking of what a phenomena Crawford was back in the day. The Mole, the Pepsi ad, the House of Style (love!!), the Billy Baldwin movie.. And eventually the sectional collection available at Raymore and Flannigan.

She was sexy, everyone’s fantasy, yet still somehow relatable. She never seemed like some lofty , snooty supermodel despite being the most iconic one of her time – which frankly made her not my very favorite top model because I like lofty and snooty.

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Posted on August 17, 2012

Style Icons: Female »Anna Piaggi

Fashion Icon

This is such sad news. One of high fashions most unique and distinct icons has passed.

Anna Piaggi, who Lagerfeld called muse, was vibrant, eccentric, and theatrical and dressed accordingly.

A fashion journalist and true lover of clothes, she inspired the industry with her work as creative consultant at the excellent Italian Vogue.

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Posted on August 9, 2012

Style Icons: Female »Jacquie Tajah Murdock

Dancer Turned Model

At 82 years old Jacquie Tajah Murdock is making headlines as the new face of Lanvin. The gorgeous woman, who always harbored dreams of high fashion, grew up at a time when African American woman faced many obstacles – but with perseverance, she advanced herself academically and professionally as a dancer at the Apollo and expresses her personal, fantastic style daily.

First featured on the great site, Advanced Style (where the photos below came from), she’s been quoted as saying, of her style “I like to be different. I have the eye, and I don’t care if it’s cheap or expensive.”

She’s a true style icon and I’m elated for her new found and well deserved stardom.

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Posted on August 4, 2012

Style Icons: Female »Carol Kaye

Unsung Queen of Bass

Rock and Roll, particularly the actual playing of musical instruments part, particularly in the 1950’s, was considered a man’s world.

Carol Kaye, who is self taught and came from poverty, defied stereotypes and the odds, and is one of the most prolific and admired studio musicians.

Her bass can be heard in La Bamba, Pet Sounds, These Boots Are Made For Walking, I’m a Believer, the Dirty Harry and Bullit scores, Then He Kissed Me, Danke Shen, and You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.

She’s the most recorded bassists of all time.

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Posted on July 21, 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Fall Couture 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Resort 2013 Part 3

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Resort 2013 Part 2

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Resort 2013 Part 1

Style Icons: Female »The Go-Go’s

Ladies Gone Wild

Female rock stars. A girl’s whole life can change if she’s got some good ones to look up to. My sister and I invented parallel lives in our fantasies which culminated in a combination of The Bangles and Barbies. But before that we had The Go-Go’s.

They embraced the best of the 80’s fashions. Neon, poofy skirts, wild hair, off the shoulder tops (honestly was there anything I aspired to wear to feel more grown up as a child?), they flaunted bold patterns and even managed to pull off suspenders, overalls and pleated pants which was (and still is, ladies!) nearly impossible.

They were second only to Cyndi Lauper and maybe Madonna in solidifying our interest in fashion.

Jim has always had a major crush on Belinda while Van has recently taken quite a shine to the song Vacation. So they’re still a part of my life decades later.

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Posted on June 28, 2012

Style Icons: Female »Donna Summer


I love Donna Summer. LOVE.

And I’m so sad today to hear she passed away. Her music is fun time disco magic, her style has always been daring and stunning.

I can recall dancing to the video She Works Hard for the Money and requesting her albums be played on my dad’s stereo as vividly as I can being uplifted on bad days be listening to her on my iPhone.

A legend and a great talent lost.

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Posted on May 17, 2012

Style Icons: Female »Marsha Hunt

Brown Sugar

If you’ve heard The Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar” you know of Marsha Hunt. Mother to Jagger’s child, she was also once married to Mike Ratledge of Soft Machine and was romantically linked to Marc Bolan.

But Hunt was no career groupie. She was a singer in bands like The Ferris Wheel, an actress – she was literally the poster child for Hair in which she starred, and an author.

She is also a strong woman who is gorgeous and rocked an enviable, amazing afro.

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Posted on May 1, 2012

Style Icons: Female »Daphne Oram

Electronic Musician

Lots of rock sub genres seem to be dominated by men (where are the ladies of prog rock??) but electronic music has more pioneering women in its history than you might know.

Daphne Oram was a composer who not only experimented with the way music sounds but how it’s made. Her technique called Oramics involves drawing on 35mm film to make sounds.

She’s a pretty awesome lady.

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Posted on April 20, 2012

Albums,Style Icons: Female »The Party Ain’t Over

by Wanda Jackson (2011)

I have Van to thank for introducing me to this album. He immediately started dancing to the infectious Shakin’ All Over (which played over the ending credits of Bridesmaids before the Game of Thrones premiere).

Always wanting to please the little guy, I found the song on spotify and we’ve spent several mornings getting pumped for the day to Wanda Jackson’s throaty rock and roll.

I blindly assumed The Party Aint Over was from her heyday – the rockabilly 1950’s – but something about it felt indefinably modern.
The fact that one song, You Know That I’m No Good, (one of the best tracks) is an Amy Winehouse cover would have been a clue to a less oblivious listener.

The album was actually recorded last year with Jack White at the helm who has an affinity for awesome but nearly forgotten songstresses (see his Loretta Lynn collaboration a few years back). Miss Jackson, whom I’ve grown a small obsession for, sounds fabulous at 73 years of age.

While not all the songs are exactly my cup of tea – I’m looking at you Dust on the Bible – Blue Yodel #6, Like a Baby, Thunder on the Mountain, and Teach Me Tonight are sure to get your spirits up and fighting.

I’m currently exploring the back catalogue of this ferocious and inspiring rock and roll pioneer who I is also quite the style icon. Sexy and rebellious she is nicknamed The Queen of Rockabilly and dated none other than Elvis himself – but her lasting influence is her music more than her romantic life.

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Posted on April 4, 2012

Style Icons: Female »Nancy Cunard

They Don’t Make Heiresses Like This Anymore

Nancy Cunard was an unconventional inspiration who beguiled authors (Langston Hughes, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway) and artists (Constantin Brancusi, Man Ray) with her passionate activism and unique style.

Often adorned with African bangles up and down her arms, Cunard made fashion headlines but shunned her heiress fortunes and a lifestyle of leisure, instead devoting her life to fighting racism and fascism.

Sadly, her views cost her her fortune and her addictions and gradual mental instability left her penniless and homeless.

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Posted on March 30, 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Couture

Long before pre fall and fall there was Couture and these were my favorite looks:

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Posted on February 29, 2012

Style Icons: Female »Lillian Bassman


Lillian Bassman passed away recently and I’ve been meaning to commemorate her influential and inspiring career. A giant among men in the fashion photography world, she lent mystery, dreaminess, and drama with her high contrast, geometric and experimental images.

Her photos are moody and intimate, seeming to capture impromptu moments with the models faces often obscured.

While Bassman may not be a name as widely recognized as Avedon or Himmel (both of whom she helped with their careers as an editor at Bazaar) her iconic images are instantly recognizable.

She was 93.


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Posted on February 25, 2012

Style Icons: Female,Style Icons: Male »Best of Pre Fall Part 3

Deranged French aristocrat going to the opera or Helena Bonham carter without her Renaissance Faire tendencies. Either way you describe this Nina Ricci look, it was one of my favorites of pre fall.

(And yes, I know Fall is already is full swing. I’m lazy.)

Lace is huge, from runways to girls on the streets and this John Galliano look is a nice take on the trend.

Even more interesting though, is this sheer Vionnet floor length gown (and you’ll be seeing more sheer long skirts with Fall collections. So take note!)

Viktor and Rolf bring a modest Romanticism to evening wear, a trend that’s far from new, but given new shapes and proportions.

Lanvin has the ubiquitous leather gloves – some thing we’ll all be wanting and adds a fabulous sleeve in simple black.

Simple and black gets the most adorable silhouette from Prabal Gurung.

I love Valentino’s retro bubble skirt dress. It takes me back to my early days of sifting through Vogue with my sister, gazing at Karen Mulder.

Alberta Ferretti visited the Jazz Age and came back with some frocks any sophisticated vintage lover would swoon over while remaining on trend (black lace, leather gloves.).

I just love this Peter Som peekaboo lace dress. It appeals to the junior high me that always wanted mini skirts and the adult me that’s more nuanced.

Polka dots, bow details, and tight mini dresses wouldn’t normally add up to my idea of cute but Tracy Reese put all these over the top girls components together and something quite subtly adorable happened.

I do not have a soft spot for minimalism, but with flattering lines and interesting details, here pleats and   Black on black layers, costume national always shows me the magic of  a little black dress.

I’m not totally proud when I love something by Roberto Cavalli but love these bedazzling leggings I do. Smartly paired with an easy mini coat. I can see sparkly leggings becoming a trend mall stores can latch on to so maybe we can all try this look out soon ( for better or worse).

Pant less with shoulder pads. I admit this regal but odd Balmain combo is a look only models and fashion elite will pull off but I love it anyways and think there’s something we normals can take from the idea.

This Pucci mini reminds me of a deck of tarot cards used by a practicing witch (not the set I got from best buy age 16). This association is of course awesome. More witchy fashion please!

Really into this hourglass, 80’s dress from Francesco Scognamigli. The puffy lace cut out sleeves, narrow waist, and slightly pleated skirt are great and it works perfectly but unexpectedly with knee high boots.

No one does animal print quite like Giambattista Valli. This season it’s short, wrapped and airy, and I want it.

The quilted jacket, the full skirt, the opaque tights – this Bally look is classy Autumn perfection.

Givenchy had a lot of neat looks, and I’m as surprised as you that my favorite was all black – but layered with those boots, that bag, those glasses, and that hat – this is anything but drab. Chic and wonderful.

Lacoste has been surprisingly cute lately as this black and white college girl ensemble shows.

More black and white beauty came from Derek Lam who does nice things with the trendy leather skirt of the season.This Antonio Marras retro suit is just the kind of gem I’d flip over on ebay (before it became harder and harder to get good deals on vintage).

Finally, a little color to these favorites, and just a little. Pedro Lourenco goes all futuristic and it’s quite pretty in it’s odd way,

This Anne Valerie Hash look is almost awkward but there’s some interesting ideas we can steal. First I love the mix of neutral colors. Subtle and beautiful. Second, I like that it layers a wrapped top over a blouse and under a long blazer.

Lastly, while this is not the most mind blowing outfit, I am really desiring a military inspired jacket like this. It would look so perfect over pretty much anything.

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Posted on February 20, 2012