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castle antiques pennsylvianiaLooming over the quaint town of Hawley, Pennsylvania is the massive appropriately named Castle Antiques and Reproductions, an odd adventure of a store if I've ever seen one.

The parking lot is brimming with hints of the extravagant, strange and unique things you can find here like huge faux gold gates for your gaudy palace, various granite and bronze sculptures and lots of caged angels waiting to grace your fountains.

As we walked in the player piano was going full blast and it gave our entrance a circus-y grandness as we gaped at chandeliers, animal heads and more bronze strangeness.

Inside we found more faux gold that you can imagine, knight's armor and helmets, axes, a huge array of extremely bizarre erotic paintings like this, this, this, and this, and quite a collection of full sized models – can I interest you in an Elvis Presley, a pair of cave men, a deranged faced Marilyn Monroe, or perhaps the classic Yosemite Sam driving a taxi cab?

Tons of fun to be had poking around all this crap, and honestly some of the reproduction furniture is actually kind of neat, well made, and will cost you less that most places. It may not seem it from the photos I took, but it's worth keeping this place in mind of armoires, cabinets, etc.

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Posted on September 1, 2008

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