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Car PoolersI had nothing but low expectations for this sitcom, even though I was glad to see Jerry O'Connell managed to get a job after Crossing Jordan and “crossing” Stamos. It was also nice too see the omnipresent Jerry Minor again, but as the credits began, the name Bruce McCulloch most peaked my interest.

A Kids in the Hall alum in the mix doesn't always guarantee greatness, but before I knew it, we were actually laughing. Not rolling in the aisles, but it was much funnier than I had imagined. I'm happy to say McCulloch's quirky sensibilities, that were at times genius on Kids in the Hall, are present here, even if he seems restrained a bit. I hope the show continues to get better and better, because another good comedy would be a blessing. The Office can't do it all on its own. This is the only new show we decided to DVR the entire series of. Oh, and the character Marmaduke is awesome.

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Posted on October 8, 2007

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