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brooklyn label cardamom honey cappucinoBrooklyn Label is maybe in some ways a place I take for granted, the food is (almost) always good – who can complain about the chili Colorado or the new addition, red flannel hash. But it's also inconsistent, and can take a ridiculous amount of time to eat there. Breakfasts have been over two hours and not in a “oh lets enjoy ourselves and take our time”sort of way. Oh and it can easily turn into a fifty dollar long winded affair too.

But there is much to recommend and that's why it will remain a stalwart local spot for years and years in my prediction (I can already see 2028 New York Magazine articles about it's Florent like demise).

One thing in particular I feel obliged to recommend is their Cardamom Honey Cappuccino that after having once many moons ago, suddenly popped in my head as an uncontrollable crave. It's uniquely flavored, nicely perky and pretty perfect if you are in the mood for a coffee treat on the sweet side.

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Posted on October 13, 2008

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