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Card SharksHow much fun is it to watch people guessing whether the next card in a deck will be higher or lower? As the makers of this game show classic knew, not very. That's why they added the survey questions. Questions like “We asked 100 married men: have you ever considered cheating on your wife?” or “We asked 100 nurses: have you ever fallen in love with a patient?” Or “We asked 100 Japanese women: have you ever yelled at your husband?”

To be totally honest, I made up two of those based solely on my fond recollections, and the Japanese one isn't mine. It was these questions that kept my sister and I glued to the tube, plus the hi/lo portion is very similar to my favorite Price is Right segment. Watching now gives interesting insights into life in the 70s, and just how many Japanese women were yelling at their husbands. It airs on The Gameshow Network.

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Posted on February 5, 2007

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