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I stayed away from Calyer after friends gave it like warm reviews. I don’t often get to go out to dinner, so like warm doesn’t cut it. But a recent birthday party (which the staff was graciously accommodating to such a large group with little notice) brought me to the neighborhood spot and made a believer not only out of me but my friends that were disappointed the first time round.

Easy going but upscale, Calyer feels vaguely nautical and features an ever changing eclectic menu. Dishes are meant to be shared but I found that works best with three or so people and only with the appetizer type dishes. The delicious brussel sprouts, for example were served brimming over a large bowl with plenty to go around.

My arctic char, which was really wonderful with each component adding something special was not very large and I was miffed to give any of it away (not that it stopped people from asking). In return, friends traded bites of their steak which has to be one of the richest and most tasty steak dishes I’ve had in a very, very long time.

In all, everything was a huge win. The service, the space, the beverages (they made a sparkling lemonade for me) and oh yes, the delectable food.

A great date night spot.

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Posted on April 16, 2012

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