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calexico cartThe next time your with a Californian bitching about how there is no good Mexican food in new York, and trust me if you meet or know anyone from California they will bitch and moan about how bad the mexican food is here – just like we bitch and moan about the bad mass transit and all those actors, send them to Calexico Cart at the corner of Prince and Wooster and dare them to say another disparaging word.

These 3 dollar a pop tacos are the best I have had in the city. I tried the chipotle pork and steak. Each were full of flavor, nice and juicy (no dried out meats here) and both had very distinguishing and unique taste combinations.

Too often mexican restaurants make everything the same, so that it hardly matters if the innards are pork, chicken, or portobello mushrooms. Here the pork tacos was distinctly sweet with pickled radish and a touch of sour cream and more than a touch of spice while the steak was heartier with guacamole and a rich marinated garlic flavor that penetrated the strips of non-fatty steak.

I couldn't give this place higher praise than to say it will become a staple in my work time lunches. The line can get lengthy, but some things are worth the wait. Good Mexican in New York City is one of them.

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Posted on April 30, 2007

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