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cafecito bogota greenpoint brooklyn almibarAny new Greenpoint restaurant is worth a try and we first tried Cafecito Bogota when it first opened with its arepa menu. We got our meal to go, I think before they had all the kinks worked out, so it was a little cold and we weren't blown away. Soon, however, we were getting all sorts of glowing reports from friends about their brunch.

After we took them up on trying it for ourselves, our tune changed very quickly. There are good brunch options in the neighborhood, but this is the best. For thirteen dollars you start with coffee or tea, a choice of unique fresh squeezed juices (I always get the passion fruit and my friends alternate from the black berry and mint limeade), then a main dish which comes with a green salad and fruit.

By far, the dish that has sealed the restaurant's fate as a perennial favorite of mine is the salty sweet combo of cured ham, guava tips (a jam like substance) and cheese. It's called the Almibar (pictured) and it might change, well, not your life, but at least your weekend mornings if you live in the area.

The staff is friendly, the plates are from old Pan Am planes, the decor is cheery, and I can only hope it stays busy enough to last, but not so busy that I can no longer get a table.

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Posted on March 3, 2008

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