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Cafe ZaiyaA while back Jim and I started taking our lunches to work to save money. But this is one of the only places where lunch is actually cheaper to buy from than bring a frozen entree. Not only that, it's my favorite place for to go lunch in midtown, and makes the top choices in all Manhattan. The variety and uniqueness of the options is astounding and so much fun for an adventurous eater.

My favorites have been the omusubi in either spicy tuna (which is cooked, not raw tuna, it surprised me at first, but now I find myself daydreaming about it around 11:00) and the roe pizza, a 6″ soft pizza with a cod roe spread and nori sprinkled on top. Other good ones are the tuna melt, that looks like a donut, the hand rolls, and the yakisoba sandwich – a long roll filled with sweet noodles.

There is so much more to try, including an array of pastries from La Parisienne and, of course the Beard Papa counter. There are tables, but to say this place is bustling would be an understatement, so plan on taking out instead.

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Posted on November 27, 2006

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