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cafe katjaWe've never been so glad to find our first choice of dinner thwarted by Sofia Coppola (she had taken over Barrio Chino with a large group of freinds) because just down the way we found the Austrian gem, Cafe Katja.

After we devoured little plates of pickled veggies, my friends each ordered a different wurst: the brat, the smoked, and a spicy one which was a particular winner. Jim and I split the beautifully arranged liverwurst sandwich with a side of great potato salad and ooohhh, scary!! (hence Halloween entry) we tried blood sausage for the first time. The consistency is unexpected and unusual, but no one could question the bacony warm kraut and apple accompaniment. For our first foray into a new, somewhat off putting delicacy, I think I was in expert hands here.

I skipped on drinks this particular night, but the cocktails were so intriguing and the beer list as well, that I am surprised I had the will power. Luckily I was not so resisting with the desserts which tipped our meal into the realm of the spectacular. Our table shared the warm chocolate cake with bing cherries and whipped cream and the cream cheese poppyseed buckwheat cake with plum jam (made from plums the chef has personally picked in Montauk that weekend).

There are only a few tables and seats at the bar, so the place became pretty crowded as the night wore on. Our larger moved around to accommodate seating more people, which we did happily, but as an extremely nice gesture, the owner gave is a free aperitif tasting of pine infused lacquerer. A generous finale to a very satisfying and comforting meal.

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Posted on October 27, 2008

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