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193 Meserole Avenue

Cafe Grumpy (or as my friend and subsequently i pronounce it “caf-ay grum-pay”) has become a nice part of my new life as a freelancer. Morning iced decaf americanos have been a welcome start to many days, and recently a rare treat of caffeinated coffee made me pretty much bonkers all day (not in a necessarily bad way – I got tons done) even die hard coffee drinkers I know have agreed that the iced coffee is beyond the normal dinky caffeine injection. I also recently discovered another spectacular treat that Grumpy does like virtually no one else: a gourmet mocha that is to mochas what those fancy ten dollar organic handmade chocolate bars are to a Hershey’s kiss.

Once a local Greenpoint special spot, the Grumpy empire has expanded to Park Slope and Chelsea and was one of the forerunners of high end espresso spots invading the city.

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Posted on June 20, 2010

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