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roku sliders netflixJim has been predicting something like the Roku for some time now, and while the idea of unlimited instant viewing filled me with immense pleasure, I just couldn't believe it entirely. But the future is here, or at least the beginning of it and as with any new technology, it has the potential to change everything.

I don't want to sound overly optimistic or hyper, just because I love my Roku, because frankly, right now the selection available for it (which you can also stream through an Xbox 360 or a special Blueray player) is limited. We've been watching lots of silly things that we don't even want to bother having Netflix send (I won't even get into the Masters of Horror series here) but there is some quality stuff to watch as well.

Soon, or at least one day, if the legalities of it can be sorted out this will be the way we watch everything, whenever we want to – instantly. I can't image how this is terrifying the networks, but they've had their chance and we can all agree that for every piece of excellent television, there are hours and hours of Suddenly Susan reruns, infomercials, and Bad Girls and Women's Murder Clubs.

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Posted on January 12, 2009

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