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my t fine butterscotch puddingLately I've been craving butterscotch. It's weird. I wasn't even sure what it was made from until I did a little research for you, my readers. My findings aren't too thrilling (although I did learn there is a beatbox/America's Got Talent performer that goes by the name Butterscotch) the pudding is made of just sugar syrup, butter, cream, and vanilla–no scotch–but the resulting taste is thrilling indeed.

I finally realized why this strange hunger has grown inside of me like gremlin. It began back in April when we went to the Saugerties Lighthouse and ate at the nearby (fantastic) Miss Lucy's. We shared an amazing butterscotch brulee and the memory of that dessert has left a lonely space in my tummy.

I can't claim this My-T-Fine brand boxed powder mix quite compares to the farm fresh homemade version at Miss Lucy's but, aside from delighting me with its retro packaging, it was a snap to make and the results were satisfyingly tasty. A Cool Whip pairing is a must.

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Posted on July 28, 2008

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