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butternut's canned beerContinuing my praise of good canned beer, I'd like to mention Butternut's Beer and Ale, a brewery whose canned goodness I was introduced to not so long ago at a backyard BBQ. The funny names and goofy graphics are appealing, but the real amazing part is how surprisingly good the very distinct brews taste.

A variety pack is available at Whole Foods and is served at several local places like Marlow and Sons, Royale and RUB BBQ.?It's perfect to keep your fridge full for unexpected visitors. Everyone who's tried it has been happy. I personally prefer the Weissebeir and the Moo Thunder Stout, but I can't complain about the Pork Slap Pale Ale (there other offering is an IPA, and I just happen to not be a fan of IPAs).

The brewery, run by Chuck Williamson and Leo Bongiorno, two guys who claim “farting is funny” on their about me page, is in the Butternut Mountains of upstate NY.

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Posted on October 6, 2008

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